Our Top 4 Reasons to Change a Garage Door

If you are a homeowner, you probably have a garage door. A lot of decisions that homeowners make to improve or change things about their home are things that build value or keep the home at its same value. Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the future, you may have thought about what things you can do to give you a return on investment and improve the value of your home.

It’s possible that a garage door replacement could be the best thing that you do. There are many categories when it comes to a home renovation or project you want to get done and many of them could improve the value of your home. However, there are different cost scales depending on what you’re doing. Don’t ever do something in the name of increasing value alone as it may be a mistake.

You want to do something that is going to add value and make your home either look or function better. Otherwise, there’s not much point in doing it. The garage door is one of the most oft-overlooked items in the home where you can really change up things and if it’s a better model than you had before then you’ve added value to your home as well. Read on to find out our top four reasons why you should change a garage door in your home!

1. Get Your ROI
What does ROI stand for? Return on investment, and it’s harder to attain than one might think. When you’re considering what to do with your home because there are a few areas where you could see room for improvement, replacing your garage door with something more upscale will be money paid but will also give you that great ROI because of the minimal investment it requires versus what it offers in value.

2. A Great Curb Appeal
What do you see when you first pull up to a home? The exterior of a home. Garage doors can take up nearly a third of the front view of a home sometimes, and that is a big percentage of what you see from the curb! First impressions count for a lot, and a home that looks great often sells. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but some people do!

3. It’s An Easy Project
Replacing a garage door takes a bit of time, but it’s always going to be quicker than a total remodel. If you don’t want the inconvenience of bigger projects, consider that updating a garage door is a relatively easy project compared to a lot of other home projects you could take on. Hiring a professional is the way to go and you will certainly get a great new look for less.

4. Easy Selection
Unlike things like what wallpaper to go with for the dining room, choosing a garage door is easy! Simply look for styles and colors that you like. It doesn’t take up a ton of time to pick it and installation is quick too for instant gratification– or as close as you can get to it when it comes to home projects!

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