Why Exterior Lighting of Your Home & Garage Should Be a Homeowners #1 Priority

arage-outdoor-lighting-ideas-OCCan an attractive garage door and driveway make your home more appealing to the average buyer from the outside? The answer is most definitely a yes. Curb appeal is essentially how attractive your home appears from the exterior. It’s a case of seeing is believing.

If someone thinks that the exterior of your home isn’t appealing or even plain or unattractive, they’re not going to look any further and will assume that the interior is the same way.

Could proper lighting installed as part of your garage and home exterior increase the appeal of your home? Absolutely. Not only is it practical, it looks great, and will work for you while you live in your home and work in your favor should you ever decide to sell it.

Can lighting improve the value of your home and allow you to sell it for more than you would have received otherwise? In a bull market, sure. If you’ve ever seen a driveway and entrance to a home as well as garage specially lit, you have witnessed how attractive that lighting can be.

Exterior lighting can make a really nice home look even better. A popular choice for garage lighting by home owners is the use of downlighting. Downlighting involves having lights put in above your garage that then shine downward. They thus illuminate not only the garage door but the area around it as well. So not only does it enhance how your home is featured and looks, but it has a practical purpose too.

Look up other examples of downlighting online to see how unique and complimentary this approach to lighting can be. It can be a particularly nice selection if the lighting improves the craftsmanship and the style of your garage door. If you want to be proud of your door, this is the way to show it off to others.

You not only benefit from lighting your garage door and your home because it’s an aesthetic improvement. You’ll also find that you have a new way to discourage intruders or home break-ins. A dark home is a home that is easy to sneak up on, but if the area around your home is well-lit, it will likely serve as a deterring factor to any burglar or intruder with bad intent.

At the end of the day, you want to have a driveway, sidewalk, and garage that is well lit. If you want to highlight the exterior of your home, then you can do that too– with downlighting or uplighting! There are so many design options for you available and a ton of companies that specialize in custom designs to compliment your home in the best light (no pun intended).

For a safer home that looks better than ever, impresses, and even makes your house more likely to sell (and for more), As home projects go, installing lighting is relatively inexpensive– but the benefits are huge.

As home owner tips go, our best one is this: look into lighting for your residence and see what you think. Increased safety, curb appeal, and resell value makes this home feature tough to resist.

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